A list of tweeting polychaetologists

Inspired by a blog post of Christopher Mah I started to compile a list of polychaetologists who are active on twitter. Polychaetologists are researchers interested in polychaete biology, taxonomy and evolution. Polychaetes are those (mostly marine) Annelida which are not clitellates. Phylogenetic analyses convincingly support that also echiurans, sipunculans, siboglinids and myzostomids are part of Annelida. We (Anne Weigert and myself) reviewed the current state of annelid phylogeny here. I did not include clitellatetologists (is this an even existing term?), as I do not have a good overview whats going on in research in this field and who is on twitter. I broadly considered everybody who could show up at the International Polychaete Conference (IPC) as potential polychaetologist. This meeting takes place every three years. The last one ended just in August in Cardiff (check for talks and twitter storify here), the next one will be in Long Beach, Los Angeles in 2019. Moreover, I included some tweeting scientists who from time to time end up working with polychaetes. I also tried to sort the twitter accounts into different research fields. But this is mostly to put some order and I am aware that many of them could easily fit in two or more of the categories. It is also likely that I overlooked several tweeting polychaetologists. Just leave a comment in case I forgot you (or somebody you know) – or if you are super unhappy ending in the wrong category or on the list at all. Without further ado, here is the list:

Development  and regeneration

@biyolokum (B. Duygu Özpolat)

@CZakDerv (Christina Zakas)

@ezattara (Eduardo Zattara)

@G_Ponz (Guillermo Ponz)

@Hejnol_Lab (Andreas Hejnol)

@HernyMV (Hernando Martinez Vergara)

‏@JekelyLab (Gaspar Jekely)

@RannyPRibeiro (Rannyele Ribeiro)

‏@ShikumaLab (Nick Shikuma)‏

 (Michael Vervoort)

@wormsrock (Matt Rockman)

Ecology, popgen, deep-sea and behaviour

@_arialee_ (Aria Lee)

@_glitterworm (Rachel Hale)

@_jojonunes (Joana Nunes)

@adrg1 (Adrian Glover)

@BahaNick (Nick D Higgs)

@BarbaraMikac (Barbara Mikac)

@conxita_avila (Concita Avila Escartin)

@DivaAmon (Diva Amon)

@DrCraigMc (Craig McClain)

@Ellis_Moloney (Ellis Moloney)

@Gambimc1 (Maria Cristina Gambi)

@helena_wiklund (Helena Wiklund)

@kemilyknott (Emily Knott)

@MadsBrasier (Maddie Brasier)

@maggeorgieva (Magdalena Georgieva)

@mucofloris (Thomas Dahlgren)

@NancyMaciolek (Nancy M. Blake)

@OsbornLab (Karen Osborn)

@polychaeteguy (Andrew David)

@rafasarda10 ‏(Rafael Sarda Borroy)

@rmartinledo (Rafael Martin-Ledo)

@sabellacheres (Mariana Tovar)

@SergiTaboada (Sergi Taboada)

 (Carol Simon)

@steve_swi (Steve Widdicombe)


@Cambriannelids (Luke A Parry)

@macroevolut (Jakob Vinther)

@RudkinDave (Dave Rudkin)

Molecular evolution and proteomics

@aida_verdes (Aida Verdes)

@Jerryyang79 (Dazuo Yang)

@mikebok (Michael Bok)

@sandysrsr (Sandy Richter)


@bcg5574 (Brett Gonzalez)

@conrad_helm (Conrad Helm)

@hschmidba (Hannah Schmidbaur)

@InvertebratesDC  (including Karen Osborn)

@kworsaae (Katrine Worsaae)

‏@LeannMBiancani (Leann Biancani)

@rimskaya (Nadya Korsakova)

@sarsifa (Sarah Faulwetter)

@stepanqq (Stepan Vodopyanov)

@TilicEkin (Ekin Tilic)

Phylogeny, taxonomy, barcoding

@alciopidae (Naoto Jimi)

@andresarias_rg (Andres Arias)

@AnnelidaGK (Genki Kobayashi)

‏@BioUFFCoordenac (Cinthya Santos)

@bonifs (Paulo Bonifácio)

@BudaevaNataliya (Nataliya Budaeva)

@C_Blei (Christoph Bleidorn)

@Capitellico (Shinri Tomioka)

‏@CardiffCurator (Kate Mortimer et al.)

@CercadeOliveira (José Cercade Oliveira)

@chris_glasby (Chris Glasby)

@ChrisRuta (Christine Ruta)

‏@damhnaitmchugh (Damhnait McHugh)

@elenagarciagz (Elena Garcia)

@Exogone1 (Leslie Harris)

@ggiribet (Gonzalo Giribet)

@goto_ryu (Ryutaro Goto)

@Icy_Inverts (Ken Halanych)

@kauparesque (Karla Paresque)

‏@KenirtaK (Katrine Kongshavn)

@madamverm (Jenna Moore)

@Magelona (Ana Claudia Brasil)

@Maik2DD (Maikon Di Domenico)

@mathanmagesh (Mathan Magesh‏)

@MTAguado (M. Teresa Aguado)

@mvfukuda (Marcelo Fukuda)

@Neanthes (Robin Wilson)

@PatrialvarezCam (Patricia Álvarez-Campos)

@poliquetdani (Daniel Martin)

@RaquelBerlandi (Raquel Berlandi)

@sebastian_kvist (Sebastian Kvist)

@SurFerEscobar (Fernando Ruiz-Escobar)

@theleechguy (Mark Siddall)

@TorkildBakken (Torkild Bakken)

‏@WPolyDb (Geoff Read)

@Zholtor (Nicola Pennisi)


10 thoughts on “A list of tweeting polychaetologists”

  1. Thanks for this list it is great, really helpful. What about @Magelona
    Nicola Pennisi – ‏@Zholtor I believe?


  2. Hi Dr. Bleidorn,
    @SurFerEscobar = Fernando Ruiz-Escobar, bachelor working on marine leeches. Also an amateur jazz musician. Pretty surprised to find myself on your list! I occasionally post polychaete photos.


    1. Hola Fernando,
      thats basically qualifies you as a polychaetologist! Maybe you can change your study organisms for your masters… I put you in the systematics section.


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